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Samsung UN75H7150 75-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Smart LED TV

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Samsung UN75H7150 75-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Smart LED TV

H7150 Series Specifications

Samsung LED H7150 Smart TV Experience vivid color and dramatic contrast Witness stunning picture quality with the Samsung LED H7150. Your favorite shows and movies come to life as Micro Dimming Pro enhances color, contrast and detail. You can also multi-task like a master as you watch your favorite TV show and browse the web with Dual Screen. Experience vivid color and dramatic contrast with Samsung LED TVs. Your favorite movies, sports and shows will be more vibrant, dynamic and detailed with our innovative picture technologies which make your whites whiter, your blacks deeper, and colors more vibrant. Product Highlights Maximize LED Color and Contrast with Micro Dimming Pro Watch TV and Web Browse with Quad Core Powered Split Screen The New, Faster Samsung Smart Hub Means Less Searching and More Watching Share and Control Content Across Devices with Smart View 2.0

Samsung UN75H7150 75-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Smart LED TV

FEATURED Samsung UN75H7150 75-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Smart LED TV

  • Refresh Rate: 240Hz (Native); Clear Motion Rate 960 (Effective)
  • Backlight: LED (Edge-Lit w/Local Dimming)
  • Smart Functionality: Yes – Voice Control and Motion Control with Camera Accessory (sold separately)
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): TV without stand: 65.8” x 37.9” x 1.4”, TV with stand: 65.8” x 39.9” x 12.5”
  • Inputs: 4 HDMI, 3 USB, 1 Component, 2 Composite
  • Accessories Included: Smart Touch Remote Control, 2 Pairs of 3D Active Glasses (SSG-5150GB)


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What customers say about Samsung UN75H7150 75-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Smart LED TV

  1. Elisa and Teddy says:
    89 of 97 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Excellent Picture quality – Buggy firmware = 3 stars pending????, April 20, 2014

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    Let me start by saying that I hate being an early adopter, but I did so because I needed a new TV. Having said that, I am returning it and going to try a replacement 7150.

    Strengths of this TV are:

    The panel that is on this TV is amazingly uniform. I cannot see any banding, clouding or DSE on a white image or in bright action scenes – Hockey for example. Did I mention there is no DSE or clouding on this panel. That is amazing to me.

    Borrowed calibration settings made this TV really come to life. It renders color very well and life-like. On all sources, digital streaming, Blu-ray, live TV and digital TV. Great picture quality. It has good contrast and while “inky blacks” are not there – the blacks presented are very, very, good.

    Smart features are good and the quad core processor flies through the settings and menus easily.

    The Bad:

    There is just a minute amount of blooming or haloing when highly contrasting objects appear onscreen together.

    This unit was very susceptible to “judder” or cadence stuttering from air and DTV stations. I am very observant when it comes to motion stuttering on video. It drove me nuts, it was random and happened quite often on all channels and incoming signal resolutions. Sometimes my wife even noticed. When my wife asks “why is it doing that?” there is something wrong. I tried turning on and off all motion compensation settings – No Go! Off board Roku, Blu-ray sources were fine and solid – I never really use the judder or Blur settings – always off.

    Finally – the smart-hub kept locking me out of app streaming from the TV apps (Netflix and amazon prime). Every 4 or 5 hours it would say that the streaming service was not available. I called Samsung support and the adviser remotely reset the smart-hub, and region settings. It worked for a while and then I had to reset all over again – 3 more times before I decided there was something wrong.

    I don’t know if this is just buggy initial firmware, or I maybe received a bad unit, but the picture quality on this thing is worth giving a replacement another try.

    I started my hunt to replace my previous TV with a modern LED TV about a month ago. First I tried a 2013 Panasonic 58″ TC-L58E60 – Terrible banding and DSE but great smart apps and fast wi-fi connectivity. I Then tried a 2014 LG 60LB6500 that exhibited a horrible pink color on the right and left side of panel – plus the calibrator said I should exchange because the panel seemed out of spec. Moved up to the direct LED LG 60LB7100 – same pink coloration on left side???? Its too bad, the viewing angles for those sets are really very good. I am now hoping the replacement 7150 will resolve the smart-hub issues. I’ll update when I have the replacement.

    I have decided to return the 2nd attempt at this model. Actually, I tried the Costco 7100 model. The 7100 seems to be the costco version of the amazon 7150. This model had the HH01 panel, unfortunately I did not check to see which panel came with the 7150 from amazon. The 7100 had the same price and it came with the bluetooth keyboard included in the package. That was a nice little extra but not enough for me to overcome my objections to the set.

    Here’s what I found:

    This panel showed the same excellent uniformity without DSE or banding on bright action scenes that the 7150 displayed. But, It definitely had more noticeable flash lighting present on dark scenes. I could actually notice the light spilling onto video from the lower left corner during night scenes. It wasn’t overly distracting to me but was visible while watching Master and Commander and Jack Reacher.

    I failed to mention previously that the viewing angle on the 7150 was very narrow, it’s contrast and color seemed to suffer when I sat outside maybe 30 degrees from direct frontal viewing. This 7100 panel was no different with its fairly shallow viewing angle. Still, the picture was very good with colors and uniformity in normal viewing. Very much like the 7150 I had before with just slightly more flashlight effect.

    I decided to return it because it was also very much like the 7150 in its weak points . There definitely seems to be something wrong with the motion and cadence handling from DTV and OTA tv. At one point I had the 7100 next to my tried and true Samsung LN40B630. The 630 had no issues with the cadence or stuttering on the same channels. Also, I kept getting kicked out of the favorite channel list editing in the menu. I have to believe there is some firmware issues that have just not been resolved. While I did not have the problem with the smart-hub that I had on the 7150, there were some freezing issues with the netflix and amazon prime apps. I could not resolve these issues, and my roku 3 did not hiccup by comparison.

    If I…

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  2. OregonBay "© OregonBay - 1999 to 2014" says:
    42 of 46 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Beautiful TV, super slim and light! *updated*, April 27, 2014
    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    // Update June 15 2014 //

    ** Smart View function **

    I just wanted to kind of go into what someone can do with the Smart View function of the TV. I’ve had time to play around with it a little bit and so far am quite impressed. I’m using an iPad and iPhone with this app, I’m certain that the same type of function is available if you have a compatible Android device as well.

    + You can watch TV on the portable device, while you do other things on the TV, for instance I have my Mac Mini attached to the TV and am editing this right now while watching TV on my iPad. I have also played my game consoles on the TV screen while watching TV on the tablet.

    + You can walk around the house with the portable device, for instance if you need to do something while watching your favorite show you won’t miss what is happening. I’ve been able to walk all around the house and it worked everywhere I went. For me, I can see this being super useful during football season!

    + You can control the TV remotely, it has a very nice remote control screen and it works well.

    Things you cannot do:

    – You cannot use two portable devices at one time to view TV.

    – You cannot view game consoles or a computer on the remote screen and watch TV on the TV monitor. This would be super nice if they would add it.

    Minor issue:

    – There is a few millisecond difference between the TV and mobile device, so if you’re watching in the same room it’s a little weird. I guess this is really to be expected though.

    ** Game Mode **

    There is a game mode in the Menu selection. This mode makes video games SUPER smooth. I just thought I would mention it since I don’t believe anyone else has. When I switch to PS4/PS3 I turn on this mode and it really makes the action smooth.

    ** 3D **

    You can adjust the 3D depth in the settings, the 3D looks great depending on the source. I’ve watched several 3D movies and these active shutter glasses aren’t as annoying as some of the other manufacturers glasses out there. 2D to 3D works as well as you can expect it to, it does add a neat depth to sources without 3D. I don’t use that very often. One thing that is nice about the 3D glasses for this TV is the cost, they are only around $20 per pair, so it’s not a big lift to buy extra ones.

    Edited Review Follows

    I just upgraded to this TV from a six year old Mitsubishi TV which unfortunately began having a LCD issue. I really didn’t want to buy a new TV yet, but as it is…

    I decided on this model due to price and features. Important features to me included being at least a 55″, LED backlighting, Wi-Fi, 3D, and HDMI 1.4a for the Audio Return Channel (ARC). This TV met all of my requirements and includes many extra features as well.

    The TV itself is super slim, it’s about 1/3 as thick as my Mitsubishi TV was (it was a CCFL backlight LCD), it’s also really lightweight and has a really super-thin bezel — and I thought the bezel on my Mit was thin!

    The contrast and clarity of the screen is very good, much better than my old set. The LCD runs on the cool side of the color spectrum — which is what I like. When set to “cool” in the settings it comes out too blue, I usually set my LCD’s to cool but on this one I went with the normal setting as it is already cool enough.

    There are tons of built in features with this TV, however I’ll discuss some of the ones I’ve already ran into problems with below.

    * Unboxing *

    Well packaged, Apple-esq packaging. I received this with the Amazon Enhanced service, so it was unboxed, assembled, and tested by the delivery person (nice touch). In the box is the TV, Stand, a Standard Remote, a Smart remote (which functions a little like a touchpad in the air), an IR extender, and two sets of active shutter 3D glasses. Included also is a user manual and all the usual paperwork.

    * Installation *

    Easy. I watched the delivery guy assemble — it had two stand pieces that had to be installed on the back of the unit with bolts, then attached to the stand with bolts. It took him about two or three minutes to assemble and it was ready to plug in and go.

    With the Audio Return Channel there are few wires actually going to the TV. I have two HDMI cables, the one from my receiver and one from a security camera DVR, the power cord, and the included IR receiver extender.

    * Setup *

    Again, easy. It walks you through the usual internet connection settings, and other settings. It’s truly Apple-esq…

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  3. T. Boy "Audio Snob ;-)" says:
    38 of 43 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Very good picture, mixed 3D “experience” and buggy software, May 8, 2014
    T. Boy “Audio Snob ;-)” (United States) –

    First off, I’ve only owned this for two weeks, but now that the ooo’s and ahh’s have worn off, I think I can be a little more objective.

    Quite stunning with contrast, saturation and black levels for an LED (coming from a plasma). On a black screen (used Spears & Munsil blu-ray for calibration), the backlight does bloom from the corners, though I don’t notice it in active viewing, even with dark scenes. This could be the local dimming doing its work, so I will not discount it too much, but worth noting.

    I use digital over-the-air broadcasts to watch TV. On my Panasonic plasma, these were exceptionally clear. On this TV there is much MPEG blockiness that I note on the HD channels viewing from about 6 feet away. For broadcasters who offer the same channel in both standard and HD, I really noticed no difference. That’s not really a good thing. I read a review that this was supposed to be a strength of this model, but I beg to differ in real use. Since one of the primary reasons for spending a premium on this is because it is a television, I dropped a star.

    Where this unit shines on picture is on streaming HD and blu-ray. Using these as source material really make the picture wow me. Netflix HD streamed flawlessly via wireless and the picture was spot on. Natural colors, sharp detail, no disturbing amounts of flicker/judder (with “assistance” settings turned off mind you), it is the best way to appreciate the premium price for this unit. Shadows details were exceptional, giving me quite an appreciation for the advancements in LED TVs – as I never thought I would give up plasma.

    So I decided I would try the 3D. I love 3D movies in the theaters and have enjoyed them at a friend who has a passive 3D Sony TV. The picture brightness and color is surprising adjusted well for 3D viewing. If you remove your glasses to view it, you can definitely tell there is major color shift and contrast changes to account for it. I was impressed with this aspect of the 3D picture.
    This TV uses active 3D, and most pro reviews said this TV would provide a better experience than most active 3D TVs. I guess I am sensitive to the refresh rates, because I could definitely notice the flickering of the glasses – which by the way are more comfortable than I expected – and I don’t know that I will use 3D as much as I’d like. That’s a big disappointment for me, but I suppose that’s why you pay so much for the 3D movie theater.

    I would avoid the 2D-to-3D conversion unless you like the feeling of vertigo (maybe your kids will enjoy this). It just makes me feel sea sick as things that shouldn’t stick out do, and vice versa. Interesting idea, but without real depth data, what could you really expect current technology to do on the fly?

    Problems were had using the SmartHub 3D “experience” via wireless would not work for me. I would get major amounts of buffering and then it would kick me out of the app and back to the previous source I was watching. The only way I got the “experience” to work was to hard wire the ethernet connection. Considering I get about 35 Mbs via wireless, I was a little surprised by this.

    One more thing about the 3D, it does not seem to support YouTube 3D, though it attempts to decode it. I’ve tried different settings in the 3D menu, but none seem to work well. I’ll keep trying and post any update if I find the setting that works.

    This TV is wafer thin (okay a slight exaggeration, but close). What can you expect for sound then? It’s listenable for the news, but if you spend this much for the picture you want to spend for sound as well, as you just will be disappointed otherwise. Like most of these flat panel designs, the manufacturers expect you to use a soundbar or AV receiver. Not much more to say about it than that.

    Smart TV features:
    I really didn’t plan to use this much, as I do have a Home Theater PC (HTPC). However, I’ve used it much more than I expected and if I didn’t have so much stored on the PC, I’d consider putting it to rest. The overall interface launches quickly and is easy to navigate. It is very responsive and the variety of apps is impressive. I mostly use Netflix and YouTube, and both were easy to use and produced great pictures (well, YouTube is only as good as what was uploaded, so this really applies mostly to Netflix). Some of the other apps would randomly kick me out like the 3D experience I mentioned earlier. I recently had a firmware upgrade pushed, but it doesn’t seem to have changed this behavior. Another star dropped. I’ll patiently wait for improvements…

    Yes, that is plural. There are two different remotes supplied. A more traditional backlit button remote for the tactile types (like me) and a “magic” remote. I’m not a remote snob, so I can say my only gripe with the traditional-style remote is…

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